Best Colleges & Universities In The World For Religious /Sacred Music

Religion and music have always gone together, and when they do, they make some of the most beautiful and moving songs in the world. Whether you want to learn about traditional Christian hymns, Buddhist chants, or Hindu bhajans, there are many great schools in religious or holy music all over the world. Here are some of the best religious/sacred music schools and universities in the world.

  1. London’s Royal College of Music, UK

The Royal College of Music in London has a full program in sacred music, which includes classes in liturgical music, choir directing, and playing the organ. Some of the best singers and conductors in the world teach these students, and they can use the college’s large collection of old instruments.

  1. The Yale School of Music in Connecticut, USA

The Yale School of Music has a good sacred music program that focuses on the study of Western sacred music like choral and organ music from the Baroque and Classical times. The school also has a large number of instruments that students can use to study, such as a Stradivarius violin from 1685 and a Guarneri cello from 1742.

  1. Rome, Italy’s Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music

The Pontifical Institute of religious Music in Rome is a place for studying religious music, as the name suggests. Pope Pius X started the school in 1910. It has a full program for singing in choirs, leading choirs, and making music for church services. Students here have the special chance to learn under the direction of the official choir director of the Vatican.

  1. The Kyoto City University of the Arts in Japan

The Kyoto City University of Arts in Japan has a program in traditional Japanese sacred music. This program includes classes in shomyo (Japanese Buddhist chants), gagaku (Japanese royal court music), and noh (traditional Japanese theater). Here, students can learn from some of the most famous artists and teachers in Japan.

  1. Oxford University, Oxford, UK

The University of Oxford has a program for studying religious music. In this program, students learn about music from different religions, like Christian songs, Jewish ritual music, and Islamic devotional music. Students can also try out for the Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra, which is a well-known band at the university.

In conclusion, learning religious or holy music can be a very rewarding experience that lets you explore the deep link between music and faith. Whether you’re interested in Western classical music, traditional Japanese music, or Buddhist chants, there are many great religious/sacred music shows around the world. So why not take a chance and follow your dreams in music and religion?