Best Colleges And Universities In Vatican City

As a city-state with its own government, Vatican City is home to some of the best schools in the world. Vatican City only has 0.44 square kilometers of land, but its world-class schools and universities are able to give its students the best education possible.

Here are some of Vatican City’s best schools and universities:

  1. The Pontifical Gregorian University

The Pontifical Gregorian University has been around since 1551 and is one of the oldest and most prestigious schools in Vatican City. It is one of the top 100 colleges in the world, and its studies in theology, philosophy, canon law, and social sciences are well-known.

  1. University of Pontifical Urbaniana

The Pontifical Urbaniana University is another very old school. It was formed in 1622, and its goal is to train Catholic priests and other people who teach religion. It is also known for its theological, philosophical, and social science studies.

  1. University of Pontifical Lateran

The Pontifical Lateran University has been around since 1773. It is a pope’s university known for its excellent studies in canon law, theology, and philosophy. The Pontifical Institute of Christian History, which is one of the best places to learn about early Christian art and history, is also there.

  1. The Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family Studies

This organization was started by Pope John Paul II in 1981. Its mission is to study marriage and family life from a Catholic point of view. It is known for its studies in religion, philosophy, and the social sciences.

  1. Vatican School of Theology

Even though it is not a university, the Pontifical Academy of Theology is a very well-respected place where experts in theology from all over the world meet to talk and do research on different religious issues. It is a truly foreign organization that gives experts a place to share their knowledge and skills.


These schools are some of the best in Vatican City. They offer a wide range of programs and studies in areas like theology, philosophy, social sciences, and canon law. Not only do they do well in school, but they also follow Catholic beliefs and traditions. Because of this, they get kids from all over the world who want to get the best education in a Catholic setting. So, if you want a great education in a very spiritual setting, the schools and universities in Vatican City are definitely worth looking into.