Best Colleges & Universities in Serbia

Serbia is known for its rich history and culture, and it also has some of the best schools in the Balkans. Whether you’re a student from Serbia or from another country, you have a lot of choices when it comes to the best schools and universities in the country.

Here are some of the best schools to think about:

  1. Belgrade University

The University of Belgrade, founded in 1808, is the oldest and biggest university in Serbia. It has 31 schools that teach things like science, engineering, law, economics, and the arts. It is known for its study facilities, and it works with more than 500 other schools around the world. It’s a great choice if you want to learn about a lot of different things in a well-rounded way.

  1. Novi Sad University

Even though it was only formed in 1960, the University of Novi Sad is still very well known in Serbia and the surrounding area. It has 14 schools and has about 50,000 students. It gives degrees in areas like agriculture, technology, natural sciences, education, and the arts. It puts a lot of stress on working with people from other countries, and many foreign students from Europe and other places live there.

  1. Ni University

Another top university in Serbia is the University of Ni, which has seven schools and about 20,000 students. It is known for its engineering, business, law, medicine, and other departments. It is proud of its student-centered approach, which includes new ways of teaching, one-on-one guidance, and chances to learn in the real world. It has a lot of relationships with businesses and study centers, which can lead to good job opportunities.

  1. Belgrade’s University of Arts

The University of Arts in Belgrade is a unique school that works on artistic and performing arts, music, and making movies. It has six schools and about 1,500 students. It offers studies in areas like painting, sculpture, building, acting, directing, composition, and sound design. It has a reputation for turning out bright and famous artists, designers, and filmmakers, but it is very selective and hard to get into.

  1. The University of Singidunum

Singidunum University is a private school that opened in 2005. It has quickly become one of Serbia’s most well-known and respected universities. It has five schools that give degrees in business, law, information technology, sports, and tourism. It is known for its modern facilities, flexible programs, and foreign focus. It has many relationships with well-known colleges abroad. It’s a great choice if you want a more realistic and focused education.


These are just a few of Serbia’s best schools and universities. There are many more to check out. You can find a school that fits your wants and goals, whether you’re interested in social sciences, natural sciences, or the arts. Remember to do a lot of study on each school, check their admissions standards, and apply early to make sure you get a spot. If you get the right education, you can reach your full ability and help Serbia and the world grow.