CBI Bank ATM Block, How to Block Central Bank of India Debit Card

Even before Independence, the Central Bank of India has the distinction of being the first bank owned and run by an Indian. One of the oldest and biggest commercial banks in India, the bank was founded in the year 1911. It has over 4730 branches scattered throughout 27 states and 3 union territories and is controlled by the government. They are renowned for providing high-quality banking services and goods.

CBI Bank ATM Block

How to Block/Unblock an ATM Debit Card from the CBI Varieties of ATM Debit Cards from the Central Bank of India

The Central Bank of India offers a variety of debit cards, including

  • Shopping debit card
  • Wonder debit card
  • Rupay Debit Card
  • Platinum Debit Card
  • Platinum Rupay Debit Card
  • NexGen Debit Card

4 Steps To Block Central Bank of India ATM Debit Card

If you input the incorrect pin three times in a row, the bank may block the debit card. This is among the security precautions the bank has taken. After 24 hours, it will become unblocked, allowing you to use your debit card and create a new pin by selecting the “Change Password” option in the menu.

The second explanation can be that you misplaced your card or that it was taken along with your wallet. You will then need to ask the bank to disable the ATM card. There are four different ways to obstruct the card.

Block Central Bank of India ATM Debit Card Through SMS

  • There are two ways to ban the Central Bank of India card through SMS.

Text Missing space> card no. to 9967533228 from the cellphone number that has been registered with the bank if you recall the card number. 

SMS Lost space> if you can’t recall the card number. Sending the bank’s registered cellphone number’s account number to 9967533228

  • The card will be banned, which will stop anyone from using it to do any transactions.

Block Central Bank of India ATM Debit Card Through Email

Sending an email to the Central Bank of India’s customer service division is another way to ban an ATM card in the event that it has been misplaced or stolen. The email address is debitcard os@centralbank.co.in, debitcard@centralbank.co.in, and debitcard@sm4atm@centralbank.co.in.

Block  Central Bank of India ATM Debit Card By Calling the Customer Care

By phoning the following three numbers, you can stop the debit card if you’ve misplaced it or if it’s been stolen.

1800 200 1911. This service is available 24 X7 and is toll-free

Calls that will be charged – 022-49197319, 022-49197320, 022-49197321, 022-49197322.

Block Central Bank of India ATM Debit Card By Visiting the Branch

In the unlikely event that you are unable to ban the card using these techniques, you will need to go to the Central Bank of India Home branch in person.