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How can I check the balance of my Central Bank of India account? Checking your Central Bank account balance through SMS You should monitor your financial account to make sure you can stick to the spending plan. You may check the balance of your bank account utilising a variety of techniques that the Indian central bank offers.

CBI Mini Statement Number by Missed Call

To check the balance of your bank account, use the Central Bank of India Missed Call Number, Central Bank Mobile Banking, Net Banking, etc. These techniques provide you time-saving remote access to financial services and are quite handy.

Central Bank of India account Mini Statement

The simplest and most effective way to check your bank account balance is through the missed call banking service. Call 9555244442. in case your call is missed to check the balance of your Central Bank of India account.

  • Your call will be instantly ended once you make a missed call, and you’ll get an SMS with your bank account information.
  • You may check your bank balance for both a current account and a savings account with this missed call number.

Central Bank of India Mini-Statement Missed Call Number

With missed call banking, you may obtain a mini-statement with the most recent 5 transactions in addition to the Bank balance. You only need to make a missed call to 9555144441 to get an SMS with the latest five transaction information.

How to Register for Missed Call Service?

You must register your cellphone number with the bank in order to use missed call banking. To sign up for the missed call banking service, simply follow these steps:

  • Visit a Central Bank of India branch near you.
  • Fill up the missed call service application with your account information and the accurate information for your mobile phone number.
  • Within five bank working days, you will obtain a PIN of four digits. As per the bank’s instructions, follow the procedure to activate the PIN.
  • Once activated, you can use the missed call and SMS services.

SMS Banking service To Check Central Bank of India Account Balance

Sending an SMS with a predefined syntax to the SMS banking number will allow you to receive a reply with your account’s bank balance information.

The SMS Banking phone number for the Central Bank of India is 9967533228. To check the Central Bank of India’s bank balance, send the predefined SMS shown below:

BALAVL <A/c No> <MPIN> to 9967533228

You must visit your bank office and complete an application on the activation of the SMS Banking facility before you may use this service.

Net Banking to Check Central Bank of India Account Balance

With the use of net banking, you may access your bank account from the convenience of your home.

Almost all financial services are available through net banking. With the Net banking feature, you may also check your account balance with the Central Bank of India.

The steps to finding the Central Bank of India’s bank account balance through Net banking are as follows:

  • Follow this link to the Central Bank of India’s official net banking website: https://inb.centralbank.net.in/
  • Choose Personal Banking or Corporate Banking, depending on the kind of account you want to access.
  • If you’re a brand-new user, you must click the new user button and adhere to the on-screen steps to activate your account.
  • Once your account has been activated, log in to your net banking account using your login information. Once there, go to the account summary area and choose the bank account for which you want to see the bank balance.
  • Your bank account information will now appear on the screen, where you can see the balance.

How to Register for Net Banking facility in Central Bank of India

The detailed procedures you may use to register your account for the online banking service are as follows:

  • By physically visiting the bank and bringing the required paperwork for KYC (Know Your Customer) validation, you can register yourself. You would receive a special client ID and grid card from the bank (for transaction purposes).
  • Then, on the bank’s login page, click the link for the online password.
  • Enter your customer number and registered mobile number.
  • To produce, click the button.
  • You’ll receive an SMS to the mobile number you provided. This SMS will be active for just 180 seconds.
  • Choose the Next page option. Your CIF number (User ID) and the password you obtained on your registered mobile phone would be required on a new screen that would then emerge. Fill up the information right now.
  • You will receive a new password to use to access your Central Bank of India net banking website and perform other online tasks, such as checking your balance.

Central Bank of India Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is similar to online banking in that it allows users to remotely access all of the financial services.

The Central Bank of India has created mobile banking applications that provide a variety of financial services, including the ability to quickly check your bank balance.

The following applications may be downloaded to your iOS or Android smartphone to activate your mobile banking service: You may use your mobile app to access all banking services after activation.

Cent Mobile:

Customers of the Central Bank of India can use this mobile application to conduct banking transactions such NEFT status checks, UPI transfers, term deposits, cash transfers, mini statements, and balance checks.

Cent m-Passbook:

The registered cellphone number may simply download the application. With the aid of your registered mobile number and CIF, you may use the app. You must enter the OTP (one-time password) that the bank issued in order to continue. The availability of an offline view, which allows you to keep track of transactions even when there is no internet connection, is its strongest feature. You may check your current bank balance with this app.

Cent MobiLite:

It is a mobile banking app that supports several languages but has few features and functionalities. It may be used for balance queries, mini-statements, account information, fund transfers, and other things.

Balance Check using the UPI App

A UPI app may be used to check your bank balance. The UPI app is a digital payment tool supported by the Indian government that makes it simple and effective for consumers to complete online transactions. You may also use the UPI app to check your bank balance by following these steps:

  • Use the login information you created to launch the UPI application.
  • Go to the account summary area now, where UPI accounts are shown.
  • You’ll next need to click the “Check Balance” option and input your UPI PIN.
  • Your account balance will show up on the screen following the entry of the UPI PIN.

Passbook to Check Central Bank of India Account Balance

Every Central Bank of India account holders receive a passbook, a tangible record-keeping tool. You may keep track of every transaction activity made via your account using the booklet given by the bank. By going to the closest bank branch, you may update the passbook on a regular basis. Knowing the balance of your account at any one time will be helpful.

ATM to Check Central Bank of India Account Balance

An account user may quickly check their account balance via the Central Bank of India ATM service by doing the necessary actions.

  • Swipe the ATM card at the allotted space
  • Punch in the four-digit PIN
  • Choose the option “Mini Statement / Check Account Balance”
  • Get the Account Balance

Other banks’ ATMs also have access to the feature. If there isn’t a Central Bank of India ATM nearby and you urgently need to know your account balance, you can alternatively use another bank’s ATM by following the steps stated above to update your account information.

Toll-free Number to Check Central Bank of India Account Balance

You can call the Central Bank of India’s toll-free number 1800 22 1911 from your registered mobile number to obtain a status update on your account balance. To use this free telephone service, dial 1800 22 1911, select your desired language, and follow the on-screen instructions to get your account balance. For any more questions or help, you may also get in touch with the customer support representative.