Check Vodafone Number Ghana, Code To Check Vodafone Number In Ghana

How do I see if a Vodafone number is active in Ghana? You don’t need any airtime on your phone to check your Vodafone number and see your contact information.

Checking Your Vodafone Number in Ghana: How to Do It

  • You can follow the steps outlined below.
  • Dial *127#
  • Your number will appear on your screen.

To check a Vodafone Ghana cell number, you can call the free short code *127#.

How do you find your Vodafone number?

You can call *#100# for free from your Vodafone phone. Your phone number will show up on your screen after a few seconds.

How do I find out who has a Vodafone number?

Choose either “Send OTP via SMS” or “Send OTP via Email” if you have access to the SIM card’s registered email address. Tap the “My Account” tab at the bottom of the app after you’ve logged in. Tap “My personal details” under “My Account” to see the SIM card owner’s name and address.

How do I look up my Vodafone number on the Internet?

Go to the app on your phone that you use to make phone calls. To find the cellphone number for a Vodafone SIM, dial 1112# on the SIM. You’ll get a flash message on your phone’s screen right away with your Vodafone number.

What is the first number that starts with Vodafone?

In Ghana, the first number for Vodafone is +233-50 or +233-20.

What is the number for Vodafone customer service in Ghana?

Call the Vodafone call center right away at 100 or go to any Vodafone store with a current picture ID.