Cures Login: How can I Login Cures Easily?

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What does Cures Login entail?

The primary issue is the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Controlled Substance Use and Review Evaluation System (CURES). It is a platform that monitors all Schedules II through V controlled substances prescribed to California patients.

How do you access Cures?

If you wish to become a user of Cures, you must initially comply with its requirements and create an account. You can log in in two different methods.

You can go directly to the Cures website and click on login, or you can click on this link on their website: to access the login page.

  • Step 1: A user interface will display before you upon selecting the link. After going there, you must choose the login button on the page that appears and enter your previously provided username and password. You can now sign in to your account.
  • If you forgot your username or password before logging into your account, proceed to Step 2. As you provided when you created your account, you must select Forgot Username and Forgot Password.

You will be instantly redirected to a new page when you click on any of these. You must select the I’m not a robot box to confirm your username or email address there. Then, you click the validate cures account button.

  • Step 3: If you’re a first-time user, select Register for an Account. Then, a form for account creation will appear, in which you must enter all the necessary information.

Please note that you are required to provide all of the requested information. To verify your identity, you must provide your first and last names.

In the following line, please provide your mother’s maiden name. The name of your birth city and date of birth are required fields. Clicking and verifying the final recaptcha is needed.

If you require assistance, select Need Help or Contact The Cures Help Desk to obtain it. Note that this assistance topic is located on the first page.

The conclusion is:

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