Delete Clubhouse Account, How to Delete My Clubhouse Account 

There are a few steps you should take to remove my Clubhouse account, whether for privacy concerns or because you’ve chosen to try another service.

Removing contacts from Clubhouse

There is currently no way to deactivate your Clubhouse account permanently. You can, however, revoke contact access to your account.

To disable the access, go to the iOS settings and disable it. After that, your account will be hidden from the app. You can also cancel access by emailing Clubhouse support. This option is available to iPhone and Android users alike.

Clubhouse has a variety of privacy problems in addition to the issue of contact access. Jiten Jain, an Indian cybersecurity researcher, believes that Clubhouse leaked users’ phone numbers and related contact information. It is still unknown how long Clubhouse will preserve these recordings.

The most recent version to Clubhouse resolves these privacy concerns. Users may now seek to remove access to their contacts and even totally erase their data from the application’s database. Furthermore, users may now extend an invitation to another Clubhouse user by simply entering the person’s phone number.

Delete Clubhouse Account

Obtaining a duplicate of your personal information

When you remove your Clubhouse account, it is difficult to obtain a copy of your personal information. Clubhouse does not provide a straightforward option to delete your account, and the procedure is ambiguous.

If you wish to remove your Clubhouse account, you must contact the firm by email. The email address is available on the app’s contact page. It takes at least 30 days after you submit the email for the account to be terminated. The account is permanently terminated after that time period. This means you won’t be able to log in or establish a new account for at least thirty days.

Clubhouse is a social networking program that invites users to build rooms where they may converse. Although the program is free, it does collect data. These details include how you use the app, how frequently you communicate, and with whom you speak.

Clubhouse has been accused of failing to regulate user comments effectively. The firm claims to be working on strengthening its moderating capabilities, although it has yet to do so.

Delete and deactivate a Clubhouse account

Creating and canceling a Clubhouse account is not as simple as it appears. Before your data is completely erased, various steps must take place.

The first step is to sign in using your Clubhouse credentials. After logging in, you will see a page with the “deactivate” button on it. To remove your account, read the instructions and follow the actions outlined.

You must disassociate any social network handles linked to your account before you may delete it. This ensures that no traces of your account remain online.

You will no longer be able to log in or access your profile after deactivating your account. You can, however, continue to use the site’s features. You have 30 days to reactivate your account.

You can also disable your account for a specific reason. If you no longer wish to utilize the audio chat room function, you may unlink your social network profiles from the program.

How to Delete My Clubhouse Account 

Clubhouse substitutes

Internet entrepreneurs founded Clubhouse, a social network that enables members to communicate with one another. It also provides a means for content providers to earn money. Several celebrities and IT pioneers contributed to the app’s development.

The design of Clubhouse is straightforward and simple to use. However, the software has raised a number of security concerns. Users have voiced concern that Clubhouse may have recorded their talks without their knowledge. When it was in beta, Clubhouse’s app was exclusively available on iOS, but it will be released on Android in July 2021.

Clubhouse lets users exchange music and produce podcasts in addition to talking with other individuals. It also has a number of clubs. Despite its popularity, the app’s functionality is fairly restricted.

One of Clubhouse’s biggest flaws is the lack of a dark mode. It does not additionally offer video chat. This is likely to change, since Facebook is said to be working on an audio chat function.

Another audio conversation app is InstaHelo. Users can take part in a conversation concerning entertainment and societal topics. It also includes interviews with well-known artists and politicians. It is also completely free.