Delete Google Maps, How to Delete Google Maps Account

It is incredibly simple to delete my Google Maps account, but not everyone knows how. There are several methods for accomplishing this, including the Timeline, Customization, Location history, and Search history.

History of the location

You can delete location history from Google Maps, but this is not for everyone. It might be unsettling for folks who do not want Google to follow their whereabouts. Google, on the other hand, may be a beneficial tool if you want to know where you’ve gone and what you’ve done.

How to Delete Google Maps Account

To remove Google Maps location history, you must first check in to your Google account. After that, you’ll be able to check your timeline and filter it by day, city, and kind of place. You may also download or export your location history, as it, or erase it.

You can view areas you’ve been as well as a time lapse of where you’ve gone in the location history feature. You may also search by day, travel, or location type. You may also view your personalized advertisements and estimated trip times.

If you don’t want Google to know where you’re heading, you should remove your search history. This is doable with the PC version, but it is also possible with your Android mobile.

History of searches

Delete search history from Google Maps is an excellent idea if you wish to eliminate outdated data or for privacy concerns. Google retains your location and search history, which you can easily check and remove. It also offers a search history filter that allows you to view searches from the previous week, month, or even year.

To remove search history from Google Maps, launch the program and navigate to Settings. The menu will display, prompting you to confirm your deletion. The app will then close. If you don’t already have a Google account, you’ll need to create one in order to remove your search history.

You must also choose the period range for which you wish to remove your search history. Select the “Date” filter to remove search history within a certain period range. You may also choose the “All Time” filter.

You may also erase searches from the Google Maps Activity area. You may accomplish this manually or by utilizing the filters. Select the “All time” filter, for example, if you wish to erase all data you’ve ever accessed.


You may deactivate your Google Maps account by adjusting the settings in the program, whether you’re using an Android smartphone or a PC. Google lets you set a time limit for location history or remove it completely. There are also options to export your data and disable location history.

To begin, use the Google Maps app on your Android device. On the top right, you’ll notice your profile photo. Tap it to bring up the menu. Navigate to Settings and Privacy. Then you’ll see a “Personal Content” option. You can adjust the Location History setting.

After 18 months, Google will destroy your location records. If you wish to erase it sooner, go to the Settings menu and disable the Location History option. This will erase your activity from Google Maps, but you will not lose any stored locations. You may also shorten or lengthen your search history.


Adding a custom style to Google Maps may alter the appearance and feel of the map. Layers, map IDs, and custom routes are examples of custom styles. The styles are “live,” which means that a draft version of the style is not visible to the public until it is released. You can edit the name of the style, remove it, duplicate it, or rename it. The initial instance of a style might be built using a template or from Google Maps’ preset styles. You may also use map IDs in a style to track the position of the style’s components.

You may also include a map marker to highlight a specific spot. This lets you share your location with others, provide comments, and show step-by-step instructions. If you wish to delete a map marker, you may do so by clicking on it and selecting the Edit button. You may also rename, delete, and remove layers from a map.

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