Delete Myntra Account, How to Delete Myntra Account

How to Close Your Myntra Account: Unlike any other eCommerce business, Myntra’s web services are only available on smartphones that run on android, windows, or ios. Means you have to install an app on your smartphone to use their service because their website doesn’t work on a PC or laptop.

How to Delete Myntra Account

So there are many reasons why a user might want to remove their account from the database for good. But if you don’t want to hear about their new products, you can call their customer service centre and ask them to stop sending you notifications. If the reason is something else, I’ll tell you how to delete your myntra account step by step.

A Little About the Business

The IIT college student who started the Myntra company also made it one of the best online shopping sites in India. Myntra’s website used to be mostly about selling gifts, but later they switched to selling clothes and branded clothing. In 2014, the company joined forces with the online shopping site On its website, the business sells 1.5 million items from 1,000 different brands.

How to Delete a Myntra Account

There are two ways to ask them to delete your account from their records.

Account Deletion by Company Website

  • Go to as the URL.
  • In Choose problem, pick another choice.
  • Now choose the choice I’m having trouble with the mobile app.
  • Choose to send an email. Type in your question, add your account photo, and click “Send.”

Email to Delete Account

  • Write a new message in your email account
  • Put this email address,, in the box.
  • Use the sample email here to write an email, then click “Send.”

These are the two ways you can delete your account.