Delete Vine Account, How To Delete Vine Account

How to Remove a Vine Account: Vine is a social media website and app that allows registered users to share videos with their friends and tweet them. After posting several articles on how to remove an account, I received an email from a user requesting that I deactivate their account on the vine website.

How To Delete Vine Account

When I researched this issue, I discovered that the majority of users delete their accounts due to email spamming or just wish to deactivate their account for a short period of time for travel or exam purposes.

If you are cancelling this account due to email spamming, you may label the email as spam by clicking on the spam button while viewing the email or by hitting the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the newsletter or mail. If you have another reason, I will walk you through the process of deactivating or deleting your account on the vine website.

First, a Brief History of the Company

Dom Hofmann, Rus Yusupov, and Colin Kroll established the Vine website, which is now one of the finest social media websites and apps in the world. Twitter eventually bought the firm for $30 million dollars. It is currently accessible in 25 different languages.

How to Remove a Vine Account

There is just one way to remove your account from the Vine database, which is detailed below:

Deactivating Your Account

  • Sign in to your account using your app.
  • Click Profile, then Settings.
  • Now, select your material.
  • Deactivate your account is located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Follow the steps below to deactivate your account.

How to Cancel Your Account

If you wish to permanently erase your account from their database, you must wait 30 days after deactivating your account. If you check in to your vine account within 30 days, your account will not be deactivated.

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