Gujarat 10th Question Paper 2024, GSEB STD 10th Model Paper 2024, Gujarat 10th Previous Paper 2024

Gujarat Assistant and Higher Discretionary Preparing Board (GSEB) Gives the Question Paper 2024 to 10th Class 10th. Board Question Paper 2024 are Given on the Official Site. Along these lines, for the Effortlessness of Contenders we are Giving the Test Model Here. The Associations with get the Question Paper 2024 are Given on This Page. It is Available for all Subjects in English and Gujarati Medium. Understudies can Download It according to Their Choice of Subject. Peer Down to Check More Information About GSEB 10th Timetable From This Page.

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GSEB 10th Class Sample Question Paper 2024 Pdf Download

1) (July-2018)-01(Guj F.L)Gujarati( 10th Guj MED)

2) (July-2018)-04(English F.L) English( 10th ENG MED)

3) (July-2018)-10Social Science( 10th ENG MED )

4) (July-2018)-10Social Science( 10th Guj MED)

5) (July-2018)-10Social Science( 10th Hindi MED)

6) (July-2018)-11(E)Sc. & Tech NCERT OTHER( 10th)

7) (July-2018)-11(E)Sc. & Tech. NCERT SRT( 10th )

8) (July-2018)-11Sc & Tech( 10th Hindi MED)

9) (July-2018)-11Sc & Tech. ( 10th Guj MED )

10) (July-2018)-11Sc. & Tech( 10th ENG MED)

11) (July-2018)-12(E)Maths NCERT Other( 10th)

12) (July-2018)-12(E)Maths NCESRT SRT( 10th)

13) (July-2018)-12Maths( 10th ENG MED)

14) (July-2018)-12Maths( 10th Guj MED)

15) (July-2018)-12Maths( 10th Hindi MED)

16) (July-2018)-13(Gujarati S.L)Gujarati New Course( 10th ENG MED)

17) (July-2018)-14(Hindi S.L)HINDI( 10th Guj MED)

18) (July-2018)-16(ENGLISH S.L.)ENGLISH( 10th Guj MED)

19) (July-2018)-17SANSKRIT( 10th Guj MED)

20) (MAR-2017 )-4 English F.L-English(10th Eng Med)

21) (MAR-2017)-01(Guj F.L)Gujrati(10th Guj Med)

22) (MAR-2017)-10 Social Science(10th Eng Med)

23) (MAR-2017)-10Social Science(10th Guj Med)

24) (MAR-2017)-11 Sc. & Tech.(10th Eng Med)

25) (MAR-2017)-11Sc. & Tech.(10th Guj Med)

26) (MAR-2017)-12 Maths (10th Eng Med)

27) (MAR-2017)-12Maths(10th Guj Med)

28) (MAR-2017)-13(Guj S.L)Gujarati(10th Eng Med)

29) (MAR-2017)-14(Hindi S.L)Hindi(10th Guj Med)

30) (MAR-2017)-15(Sindhi-Arebic)(S.L)Sindhi(10th)

31) (MAR-2017)-15(Sindhi-Devnagri)(S.L)Sindhi(10th)

32) (MAR-2017)-16(English S.L)English(10th Guj Med)

33) (MAR-2017)-17 Sanskrit(10th Eng Med)

34) (MAR-2017)-17Sanskrit(10th Guj Med)

35) (MAR-2017)-19 Persian(10th Eng Med)

36) (MAR-2017)-19 Persian(10th Guj Med)

37) (MAR-2017)-2(Hindi F.L)Hindi(10th Hindi Med)

38) (MAR-2017)-20 Arabic(10th Guj Med)

39) (MAR-2017)-20 Arebic(10th Eng Med)

40) (MAR-2017)-21Urdu(10th Guj Med)

41) (MAR-2017)-3(Marathi F.L)Marathi(10th)

42) (MAR-2017)-5(Urdu F.L)Urdu(10th)

43) (MAR-2017)-6(Sindhi-Arebic)(F.L)Sindhi(10th)

44) (MAR-2017)-6(Sindhi-Devnagri)(F.L)Sindhi(10th)

45) (MAR-2017)-7(TAMIL F.L)Tamil(10th)

46) (MAR-2017)-8(Telugu F.L)Telugu(10th)

47) (MAR-2017)-9(Oriya F.L)Oriya(10th)

48) (MAR-2018)-01(Guj F.L)Gujarati New Course( 10th GUJ MED)

49) (MAR-2018)-02(Hindi F.L)Hindi New Course( 10th Hindi MED)

50) (MAR-2018)-03(Marathi F.L)Marathi New Course( 10th)

51) (MAR-2018)-04(English F.L) English New Course( 10th ENG MED)

52) (MAR-2018)-04(English F.L)(English)NCERT-Others( 10th)

53) (MAR-2018)-04(English F.L)EnglishNCERT SRT( 10th MAR-2018)

54) (MAR-2018)-05(Urdu F.L)Urdu New Course( 10th)

55) (MAR-2018)-06(Sindhi-Arabic)(F.L)Sindhi New Course( 10th)

56) (MAR-2018)-06(Sindhi-Devnagri)(F.L)Sindhi New Course( 10th)

57) (MAR-2018)-07(Tamil F.L)TAMIL( 10th)

58) (MAR-2018)-08(Telugu F.L)Telugu( 10th)

59) (MAR-2018)-09(Oriya F.L)Oriya ( 10th)

60) (MAR-2018)-10Social Science New Course( 10th ENG MED)

61) (MAR-2018)-10Social Science New Course( 10th GUJ MED)

62) (MAR-2018)-10Social Science New Course( 10th Hindi MED)

63) (MAR-2018)-11 Sc. & Tech-NCERT SRT( 10th)

64) (MAR-2018)-11Sc. & Tech( 10th GUJ MED)

65) (MAR-2018)-11Sc. & Tech( 10th Hindi MED)

66) (MAR-2018)-11Sc. & TechNCERT-Others( 10th)

67) (MAR-2018)-11Sc. &Tech( 10th ENG MED)

68) (MAR-2018)-12 Maths-NCERT-SRT( 10th)

69) (MAR-2018)-12Maths ( 10th ENG MED)

70) (MAR-2018)-12Maths NCERT-OTHERS( 10th)

71) (MAR-2018)-12Maths( 10th GUJ MED)

72) (MAR-2018)-12Maths( 10th Hindi MED)

73) (MAR-2018)-13(Gujarati S.L) Gujarati New Course ( 10th ENG MED)

74) (MAR-2018)-14(Hindi S.L)Hindi New Course( 10th GUJ MED)

75) (MAR-2018)-15(Sindhi-Arabic)(S.L)Sindhi( 10th)

76) (MAR-2018)-15-(Sindhi-Devnagri)(S.L)Sindhi( 10th)

77) (MAR-2018)-16(English S.L)EnglishNew Course( 10th GUJ MED)

78) (MAR-2018)-17Sanskrit( 10th GUJ MED)

79) દ્રિતિય એકમ કસોટીના પ્રશ્નપત્રો-૨૦૨૦ (ગુજરાતી પ્રથમ ભાષા અને દ્વિતિય ભાષા)

80) દ્રિતિય એકમ કસોટીના પ્રશ્નપત્રો-૨૦૨૦ (વિજ્ઞાન)

81) એકમ કસોટીના પ્રશ્નપત્રો-૨૦૨૦ (સામાજિક વિજ્ઞાન)

82) એકમ કસોટીના પ્રશ્નપત્રો-૨૦૨૦ (ગણિત)

83) એકમ કસોટીના પ્રશ્નપત્રો-૨૦૨૦

84) નિદાન કસોટીના પ્રશ્નપત્રો-૦૧(સામાજિક વિજ્ઞાન)GHE

85) નિદાન કસોટીના પ્રશ્નપત્રો-૦૧(વિજ્ઞાન)GHE

86) નિદાન કસોટીના પ્રશ્નપત્રો-૦૧(ગણિત)GHE