How to Activate PC MasterCard

Both the online and offline ways to activate a new or replacement PC MasterCard are very easy to use. The first step to easy and safe banking is to activate a PC Money Account MasterCard. PC Financial has activated its PC Money account online through the official website and mobile app.

How to Activate a PC MasterCard

Customers of PC Financial who have started a new PC Money account or are getting a replacement card can easily register their PC Money MasterCard account in one of the following ways. Reports say that there are no differences in how to enable a fresh card or a replacement card. When fully enabled, the card gives you access to all of its services, benefits, and features.

This simple guide shows you how to Activate your PC Money Account MasterCard is a quick and easy process for new and replacement cards. You can register a new or replacement PC Money Account MasterCard by following the steps.

There is no difference between activating a new card online and activating a replacement card online. The steps below will help you activate your PC MasterCard online from the official website of PC Money or the PC Money mobile app.

How to Sign Up for a PC MasterCard Online

  • Go to to visit the PC Financial website.
  • To log in, enter “Username and password” and click “Sign In.”
  • Use the Menu to get to the “Accounts and Cards” area.
  • Click on “Cards.” Click on “Activate Card” next to the card you want to use.
  • Enter the “Activation Code” and use the choices on the screen to make a PIN and other things.
  • You have finally seen a message that says something like “Successfully Activated.”

How to use a mobile app to activate a PC MasterCard

Account users with PC Financial who use Android or iOS can open their MasterCard account by taking a few simple steps. Please remember that activating a new card or a replacement card on any device hasn’t changed.

  • Start the PC Financial Mobile App and log in.
  • Follow the menu to choose the “Cards” choice under “Accounts & Cards.”
  • Please click “Activate now” next to the card you want to use.
  • Type in the code to turn it on. Usually, the registration number is on the card’s sticker.
  • Then, use the choices on the screen to make a PIN and confirm it.
  • Your PC MasterCard is now working.

How to Use the Phone to Activate a PC MasterCard

If someone is having trouble registering their MasterCard account online, they can call the PC Financial service and ask for help. The customer service team will help you set up and fix any mistakes that come up.

If you need to get in touch with PC Financial, you can call their toll-free helpline at 18662467262 with your listed cell phone number anytime, day or night.

What information do I need to give to set up my PC Money Account?

People usually ask for your name, date of birth, place of address, and social insurance number. You may also have to show proof of who you are and agree to the terms and conditions of the account.

Can I use the phone to make my PC Financial MasterCard work?

Yes, you can use the phone to set up your PC Financial MasterCard. You can call 1-866-246-7262 to talk to customer service.