How to Load Your Walmart MoneyCard

With Directdeposit, Walmart Rapidload, Online Transfer, and other fast ways, it’s easy to put money on a Walmart MoneyCard. Customers with a MoneyCard Account can add money to their account amount in a number of ways, both online and off.

At any Walmart shop, you can pay a small fee to add money to the card. After you load it, you can use your Mastercard or Visa debit card to pay with your Walmart MoneyCard again anywhere, both online and in stores.

You can add money to a Walmart Money Card in the ways listed, and it has many features and benefits that will help you use and handle your money.

How to Put Money on a Walmart MoneyCard

Walmart gives you a lot of different ways to add money to your account. Here are a few ways to do it.

Bank transfers

When you use direct deposit to add money to your Walmart Money Card, Walmart can call the store and transfer the money straight to your Walmart Money Card. Fill out and send back a direct payment form to your workplace. Your company will start paying you by direct deposit instead of sending you a check.

  • Direct deposit lets you put your paychecks and government perks straight into your MoneyCard Account.
  • According to sources, the services are free, and you can pay all or part of your check.
  • Employees can tell Walmart two days before Payday about their direct payments, and Walmart will also send the money early.

Walmart Rapid Reload

Any Walmart store lets you “Rapid Reload” your Walmart Money Card with cash. Tell the worker at the register that you want to add money to your card, swipe it at the register, and hand over the cash. Most of the time, the money is ready within 10 minutes.

Online Transfer

You can then link your Money Card to your bank account and send money to your Money Card from your bank. This way, you can add money to your card without paying a fee to reload it. However, your bank may charge you for the internet transaction. The online purchase takes the service between one and three business days to finish.

How to Add Money to a Walmart MoneyCard from a Bank Account

  • Follow the steps below to add money to a Walmart money card from your bank account.
  • You can get to your account through the mobile app or by going to
  • After signing in, go to the “Add Money” or “Deposit Funds” menu choices.

Look for bank accounts that go together. If you don’t have any accounts linked, click the “Add Bank” button.

Link your bank account by entering your bank account name, routing number, and any other necessary details. Then choose “Add Funds” or “Bank Transfers.”

Type in the amount you want to load, and then click “Next” to finish the deal.

When the payment is finished, the money will be put right to your Walmart Money Card balance.

How to Put Money on a Walmart MoneyCard at a Store Nearby

You can follow the steps below to add money to a Walmart money card at a nearby store.

Using the Walmart Find the nearest store app, you can find out where the shop is.

Go to the Walmart store near you and ask for help at the customer service desk.

Ask the worker who you want to put money on your Walmart Money Card.

Share the information about your Walmart Money Card account and the cash you want to put on it.

They can make it easy for you to finish the deal quickly.

Check the bill and add money through the website or mobile app to see if the amount has changed.

Can someone other than myself put money on my Walmart Money Card?

Card to Card transfer lets you add money to your Walmart Money card. Let a friend or family member who has a Walmart Money Card like yours move money from their card to yours.

Can I put money on my MoneyCard online?

You can add money to your Walmart Money Card online by transferring money from your bank account. Using the Walmart Money Card, you can send money from your bank account to your Walmart Money Card account.

Can I reload my Walmart Money Card with a debit card?

At a Walmart Money Centre Express or a Walmart cash machine, you can add money to your Money Card using a debit card. There are costs to pay.

Can I use a check to put money on my Walmart Money Card?

Yes, you can use the mobile Walmart Money Card app on your phone to pay a check. Make sure the check is in your name, then sign your name on the back and write “For Mobile Deposit Only.” To be able to use the Mobile Check Deposit tools of the app.