LA Fitness Student, How Do I Get LA Fitness Student Discount in 2024

How do I obtain a student discount at LA Fitness in 2023? If you are seeking information about the LA Fitness student discount, you should read this article.

LA Fitness is a company committed to assisting individuals in achieving their fitness objectives. The company owns hundreds of fitness centers throughout the United States and has a reputation for providing high-quality, well-maintained apparatus.

LA Fitness Student

Members can utilize the services of LA Fitness to achieve their health and wellness objectives by selecting from a variety of plans and pricing options. This is not true; the company offers various discounts, such as the LA Fitness student discount, which students who wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle can use to save money.

This article provides information about the LA Fitness student discount, how to use the discount code, and its numerous attractive features. Learn everything you need to know about the LA Fitness gym by reading on.

Regarding LA Fitness

LA Fitness is an American fitness center chain with over 700 locations in North America. In 1984, Chinyol Yi and Louis Welch established the company in Los Angeles, California.

On November 30, 2011, the company acquired 171 clubs from Bally Total Fitness for $153 million. Beginning in 2018, LA Fitness will offer high-intensity interval training classes with Myzone heart rate monitors at select renovated facilities for an additional fee.

LA Fitness expands its presence by emphasizing the one long-term advantage that everyone values: health. It continues to seek new methods to enhance the physical and mental health of its increasingly diverse membership base.

Currently, cutting-edge clubs are proliferating across the continent. Strong and successful growth at LA Fitness is a result of the company’s commitment to understanding and meeting the specific requirements of the communities it services.

Family members of all ages and interests can engage in enjoyable and effective workouts at LA Fitness, which offers a vast array of amenities and a highly trained staff.

Why Los Angeles Fitness?

There are a variety of reasons to consider joining LA Fitness, ranging from its user-friendly mobile app and outstanding instructors to its extensive equipment selection and discounts. Before we discuss the student discount at LA Fitness, let’s examine why you should consider LA Fitness for your fitness training.

1, Variety of Resources

LA Fitness’s facilities are filled with squat racks, benches, free weights, and cable machines due to its extensive equipment selection. In addition, there are racquetball courts, dance and yoga studios, treadmills, stationary cycles, and a pool with a hot tub.

In addition, they have beautiful locker rooms with showers and a children’s section where staff can supervise children while their parents exercise.

Among the LA Fitness Club’s amenities are:

  • UnlimitedGroup Exercise Courses
  • Personal Fitness Assessment at no cost.
  • Full use of the Pool, Spa, and Sauna.
  • Weight, strength, and cardio equipment of the highest quality.
  • Athletic Leagues
  • Personal Exercise
  • Kids Klub child care

2, User-Friendly Mobile App

Every LA Fitness member can usually download the company’s user-friendly mobile app, which serves as a digital membership certificate, to their smartphone. Using this digital badge, users can readily access the amenities, facilities, and services of any LA Fitness club.

In addition to acquiring the most recent information on gyms and group exercise programs, you can additionally reserve space and schedule personal training sessions. The application is available through the App Store and is compatible with iOS devices including the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPod. After installing the app on your mobile device, you can also attach it to your club membership.

3, Qualified Managers

LA Fitness has expert fitness instructors who supervise each group exercise session, which is crucial for maximizing the health benefits of exercise and minimizing participant injury risk. Instructors at LA Fitness can rapidly determine if a new client is suitable for exercise participation in multiple sessions, particularly during intense regimens.

4, Outstanding Services

The pricing at LA Fitness is an excellent value because the facilities, amenities, and services exceed industry norms. This is why the overwhelming majority of LA Fitness’s consumers believe they will receive value for their money.

Does La Fitness offer discounts for students?

LA Fitness offers a 15 percent discount to students enrolled in College and other accredited institutions of higher education. Sign up for Unidays to access the LA Fitness student discount.

How do I redeem my LA Fitness coupon code?

To use the LA Fitness student discount code, enter the code in the field supplied during checkout, and the discount will be applied automatically when you go to pay. In the absence of a promotional code, you can anticipate your discounts to be automatically applied.

Current LA Fitness Promotional Coupons

Tips for LA Fitness Savings

  • Utilize the five-day guest pass that LA Fitness provides. This permit is valid for the next five days and allows you to exercise at any local LA Fitness facility in your area.
  • LA Fitness offers a complimentary HIIT workout that you should consider partaking in. Anyone interested in utilizing the HIIT program has access to this.
  • Benefit from VIP guest permits. By sending an acquaintance a VIP guest pass, they will receive 14 days of complimentary access to LA Fitness. If they join within 90 days of receiving your invitation, you’ll earn 1,000 points towards your VIP rewards program, which you can use to purchase interesting LA Fitness merchandise.
  • Create a family account and invite up to three relatives to the gym with you. Adding family members to your account will incur additional expenses, but they will receive discounted gym access.
  • Follow LA Fitness on social media to receive incredible items, free trials, and more through LA Fitness-hosted giveaways.

What Alternatives Exist to LA Fitness?

These are some alternatives to LA Fitness:

1, 24-Hour Fitness, Inc.

Through participation in the 28-day StepUp program, 24-Hour Fitnessfitness has demonstrated their dedication to member retention and success, so they go above and beyond the typical chain gym that wants members.

Additionally, they are open 24/7, which is advantageous for many gym-goers with irregular schedules. In addition, they have created a rewards system for those who are consistent with their routines, as well as a workout app for those who need guidance or trial exercise programs.

Monthly membership fees at 24 Hours Fitness range between $39.99 and $49.99. You have the option between a month-to-month agreement and a one-year agreement. In some locations, weight training, cardio equipment, group fitness classes, personal training, and a fitness program are available, as are a basketball court, racquetball, a spinning room, a pool, a hot tub, a sauna, and daycare.

2, Anytime Fitness, Inc.

Anytime Fitness is a 24-hour health and fitness facility with over 4000 franchised locations that enables people to transform their lives through fitness in various locations. It was founded in 2002 and designated the health club franchise with the highest growth rate in 2014.

A membership to Anytime Fitness costs $36.50 per month. In addition to 24-hour access, weight training, cardio equipment, group fitness classes, and personal training, some locations offer tanning and Hydromassage beds.

3. LifeTime

Life Time Fitness was founded in 1992 with the intention of making members feel special. The ambiance and appearance of their facilities shout luxury the instant you enter. They offer a variety of group fitness classes and follow the most recent trends.

In addition, the addition of the café and leisure transforms the fitness center into a destination. Additionally, they collaborate effectively with large corporations to offer employee discounts. To facilitate people’s hectic lifestyles and retail mall “villages”, they are now incorporating shared workspace concepts. Lifetime memberships cost between $79.00 and $229.00 per month in addition to an initiation fee.

Weight training, cardio equipment, group fitness classes, personal training, tanning, swimming pool, tennis courts, sauna, spin classes, child care, health assessments, spa, nutritional coaching, Pilates reformers, steam room, cafe, and children’s categories and activities (such as arts and crafts) are a few of its features.

4, Equinox Fitness Center

Where the elite train is Equinox. Their instructors are highly qualified, with some being former Olympians and active celebrity fitness trainers, and their group fitness classes are creative and thrilling. Because many of their locations are in affluent communities, their clientele is opulent.

In Manhattan, the first Equinox Fitness facility opened in 1991. Since then, it has acquired additional upscale fitness companies, including SoulCycle, PURE Yoga, and Blink Fitness. A membership to Equinox costs between $180 and $240 per month, plus an initiation fee of $200 to $300. There are more than 135 locations in America.


Athletes train at EXOS, whereas all celebrities exercise at Equinox. Its headquarters are in Phoenix, where it was founded in 1999, but it has since expanded to many other locations across the United States. They supervise 461 locations for athletics, Fortune 100, healthcare, military, and nonprofit enterprises. Outside of Phoenix, EXOS membership fees range from $250 to $1,000 per month. In Phoenix, membership fees are $30,000 per year ($2,500 per month).

It offers weight training, cardiovascular equipment, group fitness classes, and personal training. Their Phoenix location features an underwater treadmill, heated and cold pools, a football field, physical therapy, massage tables, and the most advanced rehabilitation equipment for recovering from an injury. In numerous other locations, physical therapists and sports medicine specialists are also present. Additionally, dietitians are employed to provide nutritional expertise.

6, Planet Fitness Center

When they founded Planet Fitness in 1992, the company’s founders aimed to answer the question of why 80-85 percent of the population does not subscribe to a gym. There were two alternatives: As beginners, potential gym-goers lacked confidence and were unwilling to invest a significant amount of money to check out Planet Fitness.

Using these two insights, they created the ambience of their facility, including its attitude and structure. There are presently over 1,200 Planet Fitness locations in the United States.

It has cardio equipment, certified personal trainers on staff to assist with exercise guidance (at no additional cost), the majority of locations are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and most locations have spotless locker rooms and restrooms. Planet Fitness memberships cost $10 to $20 per month plus $39 annually.

7, CrossFit

CrossFit’s founding in 2000 completely transformed the fitness industry, as people flocked to join local CrossFit centers or establish their own CrossFit “box.” CrossFit’s emphasis on community is one of the primary reasons for its popularity. Since CrossFit lockers only offer group classes, nobody can exercise alone while donning headphones.

In addition, they have created an evolving workout system that keeps each workout fresh, and their scalability allows people of all fitness levels to feel the pain. There are currently over 12,000 CrossFit locations in the United States and over 14,000 globally.

Each CrossFit box determines its own membership fees, which range from $75 to $225 per month. Moreover, the amenities vary from box to box. Some studios have no additional amenities, while others offer locker rooms, cafés, and more.


LA Fitness continues to rank among the top gym franchises in the United States as a result of its ability to maintain consistent management across all locations. In addition to other amenities, even the most basic memberships include access to their group fitness classes.

With over 700 locations across the United States, they have a well-deserved reputation for being able to accommodate both neophyte and regular gym-goers. Moreover, the 15% LA Fitness student discount is a no-brainer for college students who wish to remain within their budgets. Therefore, you can join LA Fitness immediately and experience all of its benefits.