Mizoram Employee Pay Slip 2024, Mizoram Employee GPF Slip 2024 Download

Mizoram Employee Pay Slip 2024 download from Salary Slip Generating website, https://dat.mizoram.gov.in, Mizoram Employee Salary Slip 2024 download from Salary Slip Generating website, https://dat.mizoram.gov.in.

Mizoram Employee Pay Slip

The Finance Department, Government of Mizoram, has introduced an online Salary Slip Generate Information System for Mizoram State Government workers. As a government employee in Mizoram, you must maintain track of your pay and other employment-related information. Employees used to have to rely on physical pay stubs, which were frequently late or lost in transit. Accessing your pay stub has gotten considerably easier with the advent of internet services.

Download Mizoram Employee GPF Slip

Pay Slip NameMizoram Employee Salary Slip 2024
SubjectCCAAT Mizoram is providing facility to all
Govt Employees for download
Online Employee Pay Slips on {online}
CategoryPayslip /Salary Slip
StateMizoram State
ProviderCCAAT Mizoram
DepartmentFinance and Accounts Department of Mizoram
The last date to get SlipsAn Employee get the payslips
from the official website by any time
Online Salary Slip Download Weblinkhttps://dat.mizoram.gov.in/

Mizoram is an Indian state in the country’s north-eastern region. Mizoram is the Mizo homeland. It is famous for its lush green slopes and abundant bamboo forests. Agriculture, horticulture, forest products, industry, minerals, and tourism are the mainstays of the Mizoram economy. Mizoram is extremely happy to rank third in India in terms of literacy, with an approximate literacy rate of 91%.

Mizoram Employee Pay Slip 2024: An Overview The Mizoram Employee Pay Slip 2024 is an important digital document that specifies a government employee’s monthly wages in Mizoram. This tutorial seeks to provide you a thorough grasp of its relevance, features, and how to access it.

How to Get Mizoram Pay Slips 2024 Online

  • Using the Portal: Begin by visiting Mizoram’s official Salary Slip Generating Website: https://dat.mizoram.gov.in/.
  • Secure Login: Use the unique credentials assigned to you by your department or HR division.
  • Obtaining the Pay Slip: After logging in, navigate to the ‘Salary’ area. You may see and download your monthly pay stubs here, ensuring that you always have a digital record on hand.