PSB Mini Statement, Get PSB Mini Statement by Missed Call, SMS, mPassbook

How Can I Obtain A Mini Statement From Punjab and Sind Bank? If you want to learn more about the most recent transactions you made with your bank account, go here. Then the tiny statement is what you should employ. the moment you ask your bank to send you the small statement. You will receive information on your account’s most recent five transactions. I’ll explain how to obtain a Punjab and Sind Bank micro statement in this post.

PSB Mini Statement

How to Obtain a Mini Statement from the Punjab and Sind Bank, Mini Statement from Punjab and Sind Bank, You may obtain your mini statement through a variety of strategies. Here, I’ve described a couple techniques. Choose any approach and adhere to the guidelines. Using an ATM machine is the first approach. If your free ATM usage has been used up, the bank will likely charge you. You won’t be charged anything if you don’t use up all of your use.

Using ATM Machine

How to Use an ATM to Get a Mini Statement from the Punjab and Sind Bank

  • Locate an ATM for any bank in your area.
  • Pay a visit to the ATM.
  • Put your ATM card in the reader.
  • You will be prompted by the device to choose the language in which you want to use it.
  • Choose a language.
  • Your 4-digit PIN number must be entered into the machine.
  • Choose the “Mini Statement” option from the machine’s screen.
  • Choose the Punjab and Sind Bank account type that you have.
  • Your request will be processed by the machine, and you will then receive a printed receipt from it.

Using USSD Banking

How to Use USSD to Get a Mini Statement from the Punjab and Sind Bank:

  • Enter your registered mobile number when you dial 9971#.
  • obey the directions displayed on the screen.
  • Your small remark will arrive on your phone as a USSD answer.


These are the 2 techniques that you can use. You shouldn’t divulge any card information to anyone when you are at the ATM machine to collect your statement, including your card number, expiration date, and PIN. For reasons of security, these specifics should never be disclosed.