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How to update your Punjab and Sind Bank phone number using an ATM Hi, buddies! Once again, welcome to a new blog article where we will explain how to change the cellphone number of any bank using an ATM.

Friends, although you can change your number through online net banking also, but not everyone uses net banking, so I will tell you how you can change your registered mobile number through ATM Machine. 

First of all, you will need your ATM Card and the PIN code of the card. So if you have these two things then you can change your mobile number by going to ATM. In this video step by step it has been told that how you can change your mobile number from ATM Machine. If you want, you can Reeding or you can continue the post.  

Please Note: You have to use the ATM Machine of the same bank whose mobile number you want to change. As your bank account is in SBI, then you have to go to SBI’s ATM Machine and change it. You cannot change from another ATM. 

Step 1, First of all you have to go to the ATM Machine and you have to Swipe your ATM Card , as soon as you Swipe, you will see the message “Please Choose Banking Service”. You have to select the option of “Registration”. 

Step 2, After clicking on the “Registration” button, you will have to enter your PIN code and click on the Confirm button.

Step 3, here you have to click on Mobile Number Registration Button 

Step 4, here you have to select the option of “Change Mobile Number”. 

Step 5, after that you will have to fill your new Mobile Number here, the Mobile Number you want to update and then select the “Correct” option.

Step 6, Now you will have some kind of message show on the screen where you have been told that you have been sent an OTP and reference number SMS in both your old (old) mobile number and new (new) mobile number towards the bank. From which OTP and Reference number you have to send to this number (567676). The number of each bank is different, so maybe you will get different number according to your bank, whatever number you get, you have to send OTP and reference number in that number. If you do not have your Purana number available, then you will have to go to the bank and tell the bank executive and you will be given a form, after filling which you can update your new mobile number without the old number. 

Final Step, You will get some type of SMS and you have to send OTP and Reference number as shown in the second image. 

Get Here Punjab and Sind Bank PSB Mobile Number Change Form 2024