Walmart Gift Card Balance Check, How To Check Your Walmart Gift Card Balance 2023

Gift cards are gaining popularity as a practical and adaptable gifting and receiving option. Gift cards from Walmart, one of the biggest retail companies in the world, may be used to pay for various goods and services. However, to get the most out of your Walmart gift card, it’s essential to monitor its balance. To ensure you never miss out on purchasing possibilities, I will walk you through how to check the balance on your Walmart gift card in this step-by-step tutorial.

Walmart Gift Card Balance Check

You can check your Walmart gift card balance online, in-store, or over the phone. Call 1-888-537-5503.

The significance of checking the amount on your Walmart gift card

Let’s first examine why it’s crucial to keep track of your card’s worth before moving on to the many ways to check your Walmart gift card balance. You may stay out of trouble and prevent humiliation at the checkout counter by keeping an eye on your gift card balance frequently. Imagine locating the ideal item, only to realize that there is insufficient money on your gift card to pay for the transaction. By confirming your amount beforehand, you can make the most of your Walmart gift card by scheduling your shopping excursions appropriately.

Different Ways To Check The Balance Of Your Walmart Gift Card

Walmart is aware of the significance of giving their consumers easy ways to check the balances of their gift cards. The three main approaches are as follows:

Online Balance Checking for Walmart Gift Cards

Checking the amount of your Walmart gift card on their official website is among the most straightforward and practical ways to do it. Take these easy actions:

  1. Go to the gift card area of the Walmart website.
  2. Select the link to view the balance of your gift card.
  3. Fill up the necessary details, including your gift card number and PIN (if applicable).
  4. Select “Check Balance” from the menu.
  5. Hold off on sending your request to the website.
  6. Voila! The screen will show the balance of your Walmart gift card.

In-Store Balance Checking

You may check your Walmart gift card balance in store for those who choose a more conventional method. What you must do is as follows:

  • Drop by the Walmart store closest to you.
  • Find any available self-service kiosks or customer service counters.
  • Hand the store employee your gift card or place it in the appropriate card slot.
  • If applicable, adhere to the on-screen directions.
  • The remaining value of your Walmart gift card will appear on the screen in seconds.

How to Check Your Balance on the Walmart App

Walmart has you covered if you’re tech-savvy and enjoy the ease of mobile applications. To check the balance of your gift card using the Walmart app, follow these steps:

  • Get the Walmart app on your smartphone and install it.
  • Launch the app, sign in using your Walmart account, or make a new one.
  • Use the app’s navigation to find the gift card area.
  • Click the link to view the balance of your gift card.
  • Fill in the needed information, including your gift card number and PIN (if necessary).
  • Select “Check Balance” from the menu.
  • Your screen will show the balance of your Walmart gift card in a couple of seconds.

How to Reload a Gift Card at Walmart

You don’t have to throw away your Walmart gift card if you’ve used up most or all of the remaining balance. You may replenish the balance on your gift card at Walmart to keep using it for future purchases. You may refill your Walmart gift card in the following ways:

  1. Find the self-service kiosk or customer service counter at any Walmart location.
  2. Let the shop employee or the kiosk’s instructions know you wish to replenish your gift card.
  3. Give the appropriate information, including the gift card number and the additional money you want to add.
  4. Make the required payment using cash, debit, or credit cards.
  5. The cashier or kiosk will then adjust the balance on your Walmart gift card.
  6. You may now make any upcoming purchases from Walmart using your reloaded gift card.

Other Useful Features And Benefits Of Walmart Gift Cards

In addition to their convenience and flexibility, Walmart gift cards offer several different features and benefits that make them popular among shoppers. Here are a few worth mentioning:

  • Use them for online shopping: Walmart gift cards can be used for online shopping on the Walmart website and in-store purchases. During checkout, just input your gift card information; the appropriate amount will be debited from your balance.
  • Review your transaction history. Walmart allows you to see the history of your gift card transactions. Thanks to this, you can log your purchases and monitor your expenditures.
  • No expiration date: Walmart gift cards do not have an expiration date, unlike certain gift cards. They have no time restrictions so you may use them anytime.
  • Gift card personalization: Walmart allows you to add a unique phrase or design to your gift card, making it a thoughtful and one-of-a-kind gift for any occasion.


To get the most out of your shopping experience and prevent any unpleasant surprises at the check-out line, it’s critical to keep track of your Walmart gift card balance. You can quickly check your balance online, in-store, or through the Walmart app using the techniques covered in this step-by-step instruction. It will also increase its worth by reloading your Walmart gift card and utilizing its features and advantages. Enjoy Walmart gift cards’ flexibility and convenience while also having assurance from always knowing your balance. Enjoy your shopping! Visit this page to read an incredible article.