Delete Section Break in Word, How To Delete Section Break in Word

How to Remove a Word Section Break: Microsoft Word is a renowned commercial word processor that the company developed. Microsoft Word is included in the Microsoft Office productivity suite but is also available as a standalone product. Since its initial release in 1983, Microsoft Word has undergone numerous updates. It is compatible with both Windows and Apple operating systems. Word or MS Word are alternate names for Microsoft Word.

How To Delete Section Break in Word

Microsoft Word, or simply Word, is the most popular available word processor. It was initially published in 1983 and is still in production. Microsoft Word is included with Microsoft Office, but it is also known as a standalone application. Microsoft Word has existed since 1983, and its capabilities have been greatly expanded numerous times. Microsoft Word is compatible with both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac operating systems. Commonly known as Word or Microsoft Word.

Delete Section Break in Word

Because Microsoft Windows was becoming more ubiquitous, Word gained popularity. The application was successful by mirroring or exceeding the performance of the then-dominant WordPerfect application and by facilitating more effective implementation of the GUI’s novel on-screen formatting and text display capabilities.

Except for a few specialised applications, such as legal word processing, Microsoft Word eventually dominated the market. Popular Microsoft Word features include user-configurable style sheets and templates, macros, and an array of automated capabilities, such as table-of-contents and index production, revision marks for collaboratively revised documents, on-the-fly spelling and grammar correction, and many others. WordPerfect is an application for word processing.

Multiple methods exist to eradicate single or numerous section breaks in Microsoft Word. Before erasing section breaks, it is necessary to exhibit paragraph indicators or symbols. Due to the difficulty of removing section breaks, you may need to select and delete them in a different view. Be cautious when removing section breaks, as each section may have unique margins, headings, and footers, as well as page orientation, and removing a section break may alter all of these settings.

Microsoft Windows

  • Open your document in Microsoft Word.
  • Select the Home option.
  • Click the Show/Hide button beside the graph annotations, tabs, and manual page breaks.
  • Choose the Review option.
  • Select Change Tracks.
  • Select Change Tracks from the drop-down menu.
  • Click the Home tab and then Show/Hide in the Paragraph group if necessary.
  • To select a break, double-click it or drag it to mangling.
  • To delete the line break, use the Backspace or Delete keys.


  • Open your document in Microsoft Word.
  • Choose the Home menu.
  • Click the Show/Hide icon under Paragraph.
  • Please select the desired section break to delete it.
  • Press your keyboard’s Delete key.

Microsoft Word is a word-processing application that generates documents in various file formats. As a word processor, Microsoft Word can be used to create, among other things, letters, projects, and rudimentary logos. Microsoft Word is presently a member of the Microsoft Office software family, alongside Excel, PowerPoint, WordPad, Outlook, and Publisher. Microsoft Word is the most popular word-processing application, and it is compatible with MACs and PCs.