Lock CIBC Debit Card, How to Lock CIBC Debit Card

We understand that the top goal is to keep your money safe and to protect you from fraud. Having said that, it is critical that you can handle your cash without fear of unwanted access. As a result, CIBC provides a function that allows you to freeze your card for a set length of time. But don’t stop reading.

How can I disable my CIBC debit card?

There is one little issue: you cannot lock CIBC debit cards. A credit card is the sole product that has the lock and unlock capability. If you lose this card, go to CIBC Online or Mobile Banking and search up the credit card information.

But what other alternatives do you have now that you can’t lock your CIBC debit card? So, let us teach you what you can do to keep your debit card safe. If you happen to misplace the card, you have several options for replacing it.

Report your CIBC Debit Card and obtain a replacement as soon as possible.

If you are certain that you have lost your debit card, you must report it since you cannot lock it yourself. You may explain what occurred to the card to a CIBC employee, and they will cancel it for you. Do not put off doing this for a few days; it is harmful to leave your lost card active.

You will receive a replacement within a few days of the cancellation. And don’t be concerned! It is worthless if someone attempts to use your old card because it will no longer work.

How to Safeguard Your CIBC Debit Card

Locking credit cards is handy if you misplace them or suspect that someone is attempting to steal your information. Unfortunately, locking CIBC debit cards is not the same; you will need to keep a watch on every transaction you make.

You must preserve critical information to yourself, such as your card number, PIN, and CCV (Card Verification Value). When inserting your card into an ATM or merchant terminal, cover the keypad while typing.

Skimming devices are one of the most common problems. After you swipe or put the card into a terminal, this device copies the card’s number. To avoid a situation like this, we recommend monitoring the area for suspicious items and obstructing the view when entering your PIN.

Another item to look out for are debit card fraud notifications. If there is an unusual movement in your account, CIBC will notify you and ask you to confirm that it is you.

Finally, depending on the sort of card you have, here are two articles that you could find useful: How to Lock Your CIBC Credit Card and Report a Lost CIBC Debit Card